Greenhouse Shape

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How to choose the best greenhouse shape, size, and structure depending on your needs and environment. Not all greenhouses will work for you, so if you have certain needs, be sure to learn them before buying or build-ing your greenhouse. For example, if you have limited space, you need to take that into consideration. Other considerations include: weather, what you’re planning on growing, and what you’re using your greenhouse for.

Glass Greenhouses

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Why should you consider glass greenhouses over other types of greenhouses? You’ll need to consider that glass greenhouses are better looking than those that you buy as kits that are made from plastic. Glass green-houses are oddly more durable than plastic greenhouses. They are more versatile as well, being able to have passive solar features added to them and being able to become an addition to your home in the form of a greenhouse lean-to.

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When positioning your greenhouse, you must decide on where you can get the most sun during the winter without obstructions such as trees. In some cases, especially if you don’t have much land, you may be limited in where you put your greenhouse. Orientating your greenhouse from East to West will yield the most ther-mal energy, especially when using passive solar as well. You can reap the benefits from a southern exposure because the sun traverses the southern sky.

Greenhouse Growing


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The idea of a garden greenhouse has become very romanticized. Wouldn't you love to grow plants and gor-geous flowers out of your own greenhouse? With the right positioning of the house itself, and proper care of the growing life inside, your greenhouse can be vibrant and full of life. Learn more about how to foster good care inside your own greenhouse and start putting that green thumb to good use.